Zooming In On Peter Cunningham

M.M: Completion on the Ebenezer Dam was in May 2007. What was your motivation behind the construction of the dam and its location?
P.C: really just to be obedient to God on that step and to wait on him on the next step which turned out to be the basis for being able to do ebenezer

M.M: Matabeleland South falls under region 5 which is a low rainfall area. By all standards, how long did you think it would take for the dam to actually fill and spill over?
P.C: the survey said that it should fill 7 years out of 10 as it has a good catchment

M.M: What is the purpose of the dam and how do you see it benefiting Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre?
P.C: as indicated did not know the purpose at that time but now can see it as a necessary foundation to have water for 200 apprentices and for Ebenezer to be a possibility

M.M: The building of the dam can be likened to Noah building the Ark. Would you agree with this statement?
P.C: in the sense that it is God initiated, God driven, God providing the necessary skills and arrangements and God being every part of it I agree

M.M: How were Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre and its Vision birthed?
P.C: from the growing feeling of God preparing for a revival in Africa and the need to create new wine skins in church structures etc with real disciples and leaders to be able to grow this

M.M: What is your dream for the apprentices?
P.C: that they will be ‘true’ disciples of Jesus and church and community leaders in the transformation and revival I believe God is preparing for

M.M: How do you see the Centre impacting the local community, Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole?
P.C: giving vision, leadership, integrity and energy to the development and transformation of rural areas with great real churches and great real businesses which give life and refreshment to the thirsty in a dry land (spiritually as much as physically)

M.M: You are a very astute businessman. What words of encouragement would you give to the up and coming businessmen/women of Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre?
P.C: if God is for us, who can be against us. The greatest place we can be on earth is working each day with the great God of the universe in continual and complete presence with us.


v Water system at EBENEZER to function properly
v Drip irrigation kits to work
v Another abundance of rain this coming season

Interviewed by Molly Manhanga


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