Baking a "hit" at Ebenezer.......

Marlene Poe in action…..

From working hard in the fields, to learning real hard in class, the apprentices really enjoyed the Peanut Butter cookies made yesterday during the girls discipleship session. The girls made Ginger Snaps today and were joined in by the Ebenezer chef’s: Mr Ndlovu and Mr Mabhena – much to the delight of the girls who felt that the apprentices would be treated to a variety of biscuits in the future…….

Needless to say, the Ginger Snaps were really good and the girls were so proud of themselves. Next up are “Snickerdoodles” (Biscuits)….an interesting name when used in rural Kezi.

What enjoyable Discipleship sessions with Marlene! We all look forward to more fun-filled action next week……Spiritual and practical input is such an excellent deal!

by molly manhanga

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