Men at work at Ebenezer.........

Ebenezer is really looking neat at the moment….the winter wheat is great, the grounds have been tidied up, the vegetation is green because of the late rains and there is just a buzz around as everyone is getting on with what they are supposed to be doing.

The men making bricks are hard at work. Their target is 1000 bricks a day with the hope of pushing it up to 1,500 bricks a day. The team is doing so well. The bricks are for staff accommodation.

More bricks…..men at work

From moulding bricks (physical application) to more serious planning (mental application)…….. Stephen Manhanga and Alan Norton have a planning meeting on the way forward for the Faithful Stewards Programme in Kezi and Umguza and looking ahead at the Faithful Stewards Programme conference which begins on Monday next week in Harare. They are all geared and ready to get going!

Stephen Manhanga and Alan Norton discussing Faithful Stewards Programme issues

by Molly Manhanga

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