One on One with Lorator Nyathi- 1st year appy

Lorator Nyathi

M.M: tell me about your background?
L.N: I was born on 5 July 1992. I live in Mablauwuni Village which is about a 45 minute walk from Ebenezer Training Centre. I live with my mother. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. They all live in South Africa.

M.M: How did you get to hear about Ebenezer?
L.N: I heard about Ebenezer from two friends of mine that are in the graduate programme at Ebenezer: Brilliant Khoza and Mxwayisi Dube.

M.M: How has your stay been so far?
L.N: It’s been good. I haven’t faced any challenges yet and I’ve made lots of new friends.

M.M: What crops have you grown since you became an apprentice at Ebenezer?
L.N: I’ve grown tomatoes, cabbages and wheat.

M.M: How have your crops done?
L.N: My tomatoes were good. I’m still harvesting my cabbages and I’ve got problems with aphids. My winter wheat is looking good at the moment.

M.M: I really hope you do well at Ebenezer.

By Molly Manhanga

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