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Potatoes doing really well at Ebenezer

What has been happening at Ebenezer over the last 2 weeks? It’s been pretty busy! The apprentices were planting cabbages, finding braces for their tomatoes, planting onions, bending their potatoes and spraying them, attending graduate meetings, Cell meetings, Maths, Spiritual and Agriculture classes. There has also been the weekly Ebenezer News and it’s interesting because the apprentices and graduates get to see who has doing well that week and some win prizes.

Girls Discipleship with Marlene Poe has continued and at the last session the ladies shared about how they received Christ into their lives. Truly inspiring and God is so incredible!

Africa Day was a day with a difference at Ebenezer. The Life Change Team from America spent time with the apprentices and friends of ours, Rodney and Daphne Saunders, arrived at Ebenezer to spend some time with Stephen Manhanga. Andy Thorn from the U.K, come out and spent some time at Ebenezer. Andy is serving at City Pentecostal Assemblies church in Bulawayo and he is involved with the Nehemiah Project which helps orphans and vulnerable children and those infected with HIV and AIDS.

The apprentices and graduates sang songs, did dramas, and ate GOOD food organized by Marlene Poe! What a treat! The day’s holiday was enjoyed by all but now; it’s back to hard work.

Winter Wheat at Ebenezer

By Molly Manhanga

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