Catching up with Sam Poe

Sam and Marlene Poe

The last interview done with Sam Poe was when he first arrived in Zimbabwe in March 2010 for the Prophetic Summit and Easter Camp. As Sam and Marlene have been in Zimbabwe for just over 3 months now and are preparing for the Annual Brighton Conference in the U.K, it was great to chat to them about their time in Zimbabwe. This is what Sam says:

M.M: Generally, how has your stay in Zimbabwe been so far?
S.P: I’m very positive about our stay. We’ve made real heart links with people – with Steve and Molly, Crossroads Community Church and the apprentices at Ebenezer. I’ve really enjoyed the times with the Chronological Bible Storying team and editing the manual.

M.M: What has been the most memorable occasion so far?
S.P: We were at a Chronological Bible Storying meeting at Pumula (Farm house in Kezi, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Pumula means Rest.) and there was a huge thunderstorm. Something was exploding. It was crazy but what an amazing storm!

M.M: I remember that all too well! How best would you describe your experience at Crossroads?
S.P: I have a genuine feeling of being accepted by the people at Crossroads and there is such graciousness towards us. They have won our hearts and there is sincerity with the people here.

M.M: Has God spoken to you personally about your time here that you feel confident enough to share with us?
S.P: Yes. We feel challenged that it’s God’s plan for us to come back to Zimbabwe for another period of time. We’re both pretty confident that it’s God. A fresh nugget from the spirit: Haggai 2:4 “Do the work, for I am with you..” That struck me. The Lords blessing and favour is on us in doing this new task. There is a real sense of God’s favour, help and pleasure on it and it gives us the confidence to go on.

M.M: Amazing! We are truly honoured and blessed! Have you made as much progress on Chronological Bible Storying as you hoped?
S.P: It’s a difficult question to answer. I am in good heart and encouraged with the progress we’ve made and yet zealous to continue making more progress. We are on target pretty much but there is certainly much more to do on the pilot work that we are doing.

M.M: Thanks so much Sam. We’ve really LOVED having you at Crossroads and look forward to the next season together.

By Molly Manhanga

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