Meet Rob Whiting

Rob Whiting

Rob is from Florida, USA and he is visiting Zimbabwe for 3 weeks. Rob passed through Ebenezer Training Centre and I was able to chat to him for a bit…….

M.M: Tell me briefly about your background.
R.W: I was born in Minnesota and lived my whole life in Amelia Island. I did my schooling up to College there before going to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. After graduation in May 2009, I received the Michael B Keegan Fellowship to study Sustainable Development and Poverty.

M.M: Is that what you doing right now?
R.W: Yes. I started travelling in July 2009 to Bangladesh then around Asia and now I’ve found myself in Africa.

M.M: Which parts of Africa have you been to?
R.W: I’ve spent most of my time in Mozambique – in Maputo and Nampula where I was working with 2 Non Governmental Organisations doing Poultry Impact Study. This is my first time to Zimbabwe.

M.M: Thoughts or impressions on Zimbabwe and Ebenezer?
R.W: Great so far for the most part. Everyone I met is very friendly. People are willing to take me in and show me around and I’m loving speaking English. In Mozambique I tried speaking Portuguese but wasn’t good. It’s amazing what’s happening at Ebenezer. I’m impressed with the holistic living and activities.

M.M: Do you think you’d like to come back to Zimbabwe?
R.W: Yes. I’d like to do “touristy” things like walk with the lions at Victoria Falls and there are vast opportunities in this country.

M.M: Thanks Rob. Enjoy the rest of your visit to Zimbabwe.

By Molly Manhanga

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