Envisioning the graduates

Graduates watching a powerpoint on Changing Africa

It was excellent having Peter Cunningham stir and motivate the graduates yesterday. The key phrase for Africa is “Trade, not Aid”. Africa is changing and the race is on. Africa is a great continent and it is poised for change. It is the people of Africa who will unlock Africa’s resources. The resource that needs unlocking is farming. The future of Africa is farmers and production. It is the people of Africa who will unlock the change.

Discussion in progress

God is sovereign and he desires heart change. Once there is heart change, we will express our relationship with him through our work i.e. farming and have great produce. The key is to have role models. In Acts 4 we see how the disciples rocked the world. Jesus chose 12 ordinary men who turned the world upside down. Start with a vision, have heart change and leadership filled with authority and power to farm and to set up good families. Our prayer is to set up families to show God’s way. We need men and women of purity. Production and purity go hand in hand.
By Molly Manhanga

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