"Spiritual" Presentation on "The Life of Joseph"

Stephen telling the story of Joseph

We had a great time on Tuesday this week as we watched Stephen Manhanga do a 30 minute presentation to the staff on Spiritual. This presentation was in preparation for our Selection Camp which is on the weekend of the 12 – 14 November 2010.

2nd years singing a song

We had an interesting time doing the set-ups which turned out beautifully. Stephen liaised with the 2nd year apprentices who will be graduating on the 15th December this year, to present a song and skit. They did an excellent job. Song, dance and drama seem to come very naturally to the apprentices. Their skit was on how being at Ebenezer for 2 years has changed them. It’s really interesting and quite hilarious.

Skit on life at Ebenezer

Stephen then shared the story of Joseph from God’s word highlighting the 4 “P”’s: Joseph in the Pit, Potiphars house, Prison and finally in the Palace. The story of Joseph is an all time favourite and the discussion questions that followed were great. We were each given a sweet – as encouragement – for getting our answers correct.
What an excellent presentation! We look forward to presentations on Agriculture and Business next week Tuesday.

By Molly Manhanga

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