Keys to building team by Steve Hunter

Steve Hunter and Ebenezer apprentices about to row a boat

It's just been great listening to Steve Hunter, leader of Weymouth Family Church, share on Building Teams this morning. This is what he said....

The best role model of what a team leader is Jesus. Jesus had the disciples and they were his close friends. He was with them for 3½ years – going to different towns and working with them. At the breaking of the bread at the Last Supper, Jesus said “Do this in remembrance of me”. In the context of team, we are to do it. We are to model team to one another.

Aspects of what makes a good team: The 3 C’s: Character, Competence and Chemistry

1. Character. This is the most important. What is going on in your heart? Don’t confuse character and personality. God wants t work on our character. Am I humble, teachable, reliable, have a healthy work ethic, willing to do what you are asked. These are good indicators of character. WARNING: The absence of Godly character can often lead to the breakdown of a team.
2. Competence. Being able to do the job. Some people do a great job but don’t have a Godly character. Jesus looks at character first then is the person able to do the job. God has given us specific gifts.
3. Chemistry. How we get on with people. Some people irritate us, upset us or say untrue things about us. As a team, how do we handle it?

How do we use people? When someone offends us, do we go around telling others – telling stories, starting rumours, talking behind a person’s back, gossiping etc. We can’t afford to be a tank, a volcano or a gossiper. How do we respond when conflict comes? We need to love people unconditionally and ask God to help us. We need wisdom and we need to be in a good relationship with God. Words hurt. How people see us hurts. We need to come to God and ask him to help us. Be honest with people. If you do that, your team will be well.

Good leaders set the pace. Right throughout the Bible we have teams working together. It’s important how I relate to my leader. It’s a heart condition. Can we serve our leader with all our heart? King David’s army followed him. We need to be able to follow a leader because our heart is for our leader.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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