Choose Freedom!

1st year apprentices doing Life Skills training

 Shelton Taguma and a team from Family Impact (Mary Chinamasa, Tafadzwa Nhembere and Wadzano Mutambirwa) spent 3 days at Ebenezer with the new apprentices doing Life Skills Training from the programme called “Choose Freedom”.

Shelton Taguma

The programme included

  1. What is Freedom?
  2. Self-Image
  3. Communication
  4. Family
  5. Sex and Relationships
  6. Love
  8. Decision Making

1st year apprentices

    Both Shelton and Tafadzwa said that on day one, the response from the new apprentices was slow and quiet as they were somewhat shy and the course was new to them. As the days went by, the apprentices became more responsive and there was lots of input. They really came alive with the topics on love and sex however, the harsh realities of HIV/AIDS made them pretty sombre.

Apart from the various topics of discussion, the first years played volleyball and interestingly enough, the quiet ones in the lessons became very active on the sports field. Many characters were seen during the sports activities.

Shelton Taguma doing training

Although Shelton and the team were going to read the feedback they received from the new apprentices on how they felt about the 3 days, I’m sure it will be mostly positive stuff. Shelton is quite eager to do follow up sessions.

By Molly Manhanga

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