From the Marketing man.....Rod Spencer

Rod Spencer
“Quality” and “Consistency” is the core of marketing of fruit and veg and will be at the centre of the Marketing drive for 2012.
It is not complicated; if you consistently produce the best quality vegetables, the vegetables will sell with out any problems.

During the first quater of 2011 Ebenezer experienced the rewards of producing top quality when they produced some of top tomatoes in the market. The results of their high quality meant that the tomatoes sold quicker and for a consistently higher price.

The goal for 2012 will be to consistently produce not only Tomatoes to the highest of standards but every other vegetable that comes out of Ebenezer.  If Ebenezer can achieve this it will build up a trustworthy reputation in the market and this will ensure that the market will always be hungry for produce coming from Ebenezer.

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