From the Marketing man......Rod Spencer pt 2

Rod Spencer

I managed to catch up briefly with Rod as he passed through our home to link up with Steve. This is what he said......

  1. The Advancer graduation is tomorrow 4th July 2012 at Ebenezer.
  2. Each of the Advancers will be receiving a pot, a plate and a cup - courtesy of "Kango" and a puncture repair kit for their bicycles donated by "Racing Snakes".
  3. All the apprentices are busy working on their Business Portfolios which will enable them to track their own businesses and get a feel for what they are doing.
  4. Prayer request from Rod - His laptop was stolen in Bulawayo and it has ALL his information on it. It also has everything of his Zimbabwe experience including pictures. Without it, it's like a chunk of his life is missing. The joys and pains of modern technology.....Please pray that the investigating officer will be able to recover his laptop. Nothing is impossible with God!

By Molly Manhanga

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