Classroom news with Skha Matshalaga

Skha Matshalaga
It was great chatting to Skha on Saturday afternoon. Skha teaches Agriculture at Ebenezer. They are hoping to get 66 new apprentices on the 16 July. The staff are pretty excited at the moment. Seeing as the group will be so large if everyone turns up, Skha will split the new apprentices into 2 groups when she begins teaches agriculture. The new apprentices will be taught in the morning while the 2nd years in the afternoon.

By way of introduction to Agriculture - Steve Manhanga will start to teach them the basics of Foundations for Farming (the spiritual side of it). The 2nd years currently are learning crop husbandry - cabbages, which is the crop of the month. They have just planted 17,000 seedlings.

Skha was saying that all the apprentices are busy planting cabbages and onions and will soon start on carrots. Planting is hectic as it interferes with lessons i.e. takes time away from the classroom.

Lets hope she has a great start with the 66 new appy's.

By Molly Manhanga

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