Special evening at Ebenezer

This week has been pretty busy at Ebenezer as 50 new apprentices arrived and had orientation week. They were getting familiar with what is expected of them at Ebenezer like the rules and regulations, relationships, First Aid, team building, field work and so on.

Wednesday evening was a special evening as the apprentices, staff and invited guests had dinner by candle light:
Firstly to commemorate the end of the 50 days in which a candle burnt at Ebenezer - day and night. A friend from Jerusalem prayed for 50 days that light would explode from Ebenezer. Renee Cunningham expounded by saying that God's presence was amongst us and Jesus is the light of the world. We have that light within us and we are meant to light for those around us. Let's celebrate God's goodness and grace toward us.
Secondly to welcome the 50 new apprentices

Stephen Manhanga and team did brilliantly in leading a few vibrant songs. There was such joy and merriment and everyone sang, clapped and danced. Some testimonies were shared as well. The Lord is certainly doing a new thing and making a way in the wilderness where there seems to be no way.

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By Molly Manhanga

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