Sporting Update....

Gracious Dube - left and Honest Mushandirwa - right

Honest Mushandirwa and Gracious Dube kindly gave me feedback on the recent sporting activity at Ebenezer. They tried to make the soccer tournament sound as exciting as possible but the expression on their faces gave it away......here goes 

Ebenezer soccer team captained by Cuthbert Dube, took part in a soccer tournament 2 weeks ago. There were 5 teams from the surrounding communities: Chapo, Dewe, Inqaba, Ebenezer and Matopos National Park.

The biggest challenges with this "tournament" was that there was only one soccer field for all these teams and the matches started late. As a result, each team only got to play one match and the overall winner was selected by the number of goals scored.

Ebenezer drew their game and the overall winner was Matopos National Park who scored 5 goals against Dewe.

We hope for a better tournament next time round!!!!

By Molly Manhanga

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