The Ebenezer Team Grows....

George and "P"

George and his wife, Siphilisiwe Mlilo are the newest people to get recruited onto the Ebenezer team. They joined Ebenezer on the 8 September 2008. George was working at Care International in Zimbabwe and “P” was in the Ministry of Education.

Why Ebenezer and what do they bring?
George brings into the team his Community Development skills and having to a lesser extent done Conservation farming which is known at Ebenezer as “Farming God’s Way”. Siphilisiwe has done Child Psychology and she has worked with children with learning disabilities.

Apart from their areas of specialization, the two have worked with Youths with different backgrounds from their own home church New Life for All Fellowship. It was their interaction with young people that brought about the interest to motivate young people for Christ particularly during these difficult and trying times in Zimbabwe.

The couple is blessed with a young boy – Mthandazo who is 4 years old. The little boy lives in town (Bulawayo) and not at Ebenezer with his parents. This is a temporary arrangement as staff housing is still being built at Ebenezer. We’re hoping that the separation from their son does not take its toll on this fairly young couple who visit him most weekends.

What propels George and “P” is the deep understanding of God’s mission to the less fortunate and underprivileged communities and their passion to spread the gospel.
One day at a time has become their motto.

Compiled by Molly Manhanga

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