Selection Camps

During the weekends of the 5 – 7th and 19th – 21st September, 2 Selection Camps were held at Ebenezer. The purpose of the Selection Camp is to give the Ebenezer team an opportunity to choose young people from in and around the community to become a part of the Ebenezer family. If selected, they will be an apprentice.

The selection process is very interesting because the young people register on a Friday for the camp and they are noticeably reserved but by the time they leave on the Sunday, they are relaxed, friendly and boisterous.

Xolani registering a prospective apprentice

On the Friday afternoon, after registration, the prospective apprentices play volleyball, chair-ball or soccer. This is done as an ice-breaker and the apprentices usually come “alive” and relax. In the evening they are put into teams and this is done by playing games. The atmosphere soon changes and the apprentices find themselves laughing at themselves and each other. Once they are in teams, they are given a mascot and need to come up with war cry. This exercise usually ignites the competitive spirit in them. There is lots of fun and laughter on these selection camps from the dramas to the apprentices/staff spending their “money” on fashion and, advertising why their “model” is the best dressed. This is to enhance their business acumen and what a delight to see. It is usually very hilarious.

Our very fashionable “models”

The Saturday starts bright and early with the apprentices going on a 5km run from Shalom Camp Site to Ebenezer training centre. They are then taken on a tour of Ebenezer and after breakfast, they get paired up with the currant apprentices and help in their fields. The aim of this exercise is for them to get a feel of what they will be doing if they get selected.

Apprentices working in the field and learning the” ropes”.

There are more structured sessions that help the apprentices understand how Ebenezer works. The talks include the vision of Ebenezer, the parable of the talents, how to become a profitable farmer, making compost and Farming God’s Way. An opportunity is then given for questions and answers.

Staff and apprentices making compost

Other light moments are the team dynamics. The operative word being TEAM but, the prospective apprentices are all too eager to reveal their individual skills and abilities. Teamwork is eventually realized especially after they have joined the Ebenezer family.

Apprentices enjoying canoeing

A DVD is shown on the Saturday evening as a way of helping the apprentices “unwind” after a full day of activities.

The highlight is the Sunday morning service at Crossroads Community Church. The prospective and currant apprentices join adults and children from the community for a time of celebration in song and dance, listening and responding to God’s word.

Celebration at Crossroads Community Church

All round, Selection Camps are a WIN-WIN situation.
What a joy!

Written by Molly Manhanga

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