Most Significant Change

Stephen Manhanga and some apprentices installing the drip kits at Ebenezer

Ebenezer officially opened it doors on 15 August 2007. From then – up to now – what has been the most significant change?

Many acronyms are being used today as we communicate with people in different organizations, educational levels, different communities and so on. One such acronym is MSC – Most Significant Change. MSC involves the apprentices telling their story. They provide information and data on how effective the Centre is. The key with MSC is that it is aimed at capturing the MOST SIGNIFICANT CHANGE.

Key questions then are:
a) Looking back
b) Timeframe in looking back and this is very specific i.e. last week, last month, last 3 months etc.
c) Domains of change. This can be rather “fuzzy” but we tailor it to what we want.

Why Most Significant Change?
a) It identifies both positive and negative change
b) It identifies the values that prevail at Ebenezer
c) Focuses on learning
d) Encourages analysis
e) It delivers a rich picture of what is happening rather than an over simplified one.

I asked the apprentices what has been the most significant change at Ebenezer in the last 3 months?

Unanimously, the water supply has been the most significant change at Ebenezer in the last 3 months. The supply has been much more regular and with the installation of drip kits, the apprentices feel they can attend to other business while their plants are being “watered.”

Drip kit installed

Stay tuned for next months MSC at Ebenezer!!!!!!

Adapted by Molly Manhanga

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