Mega Vision "08"

Folk from NF Family of churches worshipping God

“Mega Vision”, is an annual conference held at River of Life Church in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe. People from all the New Frontier family of churches around Zimbabwe gather together for a time of celebration, strengthening and impartation. This year was just as excellent as the previous years with our international speakers being Dave and Liz Holden from the U.K and Sam and Marlene Poe from Seattle, Washington in the U.S.A.

Friday 27th Sept. started off with the leaders meeting and Sibs Sibanda – Lead Elder from Mount Pleasant Community Church (MPCC) kicked off the session with an awesome word on Bottleneck leaders. The points he highlighted were: a) understanding the priesthood of all believers, contrasting the Old Testament pattern with the New Testament pattern and understanding the leadership gift.

Sibs and his lovely wife Rumbi

Dave Holden from Sidcup in the U.K then spoke on “A people of the spirit”. He highlighted that the Holy Spirit is crucial and central to mission. However it all begins with an individual experience of being filled with the spirit that leads to communities being filled with the spirit.
Scott Marques, Zimbabwe’s Apostolic Leader within the NF family of churches, took the evening session. He spoke about being connected and getting mobilized from Luke 4:18 – 19. The passion of God is for the poor and we can get connected and mobilized through Prayer, Profession, Planting or Participation

But what has this got to do with Ebenezer or the apprentices? Well, 3 apprentices traveled to Harare with Stephen and Molly Manhanga to experience God’s goodness and this is what they had to say……..
(Read Mega Vision “08” pt 2)
Meanwhile, Saturday 28th Sept. was another awesome day. Sibs Sibanda spoke on the New Testament Church in Action – that it’s not so much a method but the truth of the message of the church allowing it to fit into context i.e., the Kingdom and the church can be applied anywhere. The points he raised were surrounded on:
a) The message of the Kingdom
b) The effect of the message
c) The life of those who believe
d) The fulfillment of the message

Seminars followed this main session with the talks being on a) Planting Churches by Sam Poe and Mbonisi Malaba

Sam Poe
The power of the Holy Spirit by Dave and Liz Holden, Taking the gates of the city by Peter Cunningham,
Peter Cunningham
Catching the Fire by Sibs Sibanda and Hidden Heroes by Scott Marques and William Spohr.
William Spohr and Scott Marques
The afternoon sessions are normally the most difficult because of the heat and after a “high Carb” lunch, people generally want to sleep. However, Dave Holden did brilliantly when he shared on Faith for Mission pt 1. He highlighted that Faith is at the forefront of missions, faith is a lifestyle and we’re already exercising it.

The evening slot was graced with a dynamic and energetic Mbonisi Malaba who spoke about “A Tale of Two Cities”. He expounded firstly on Jonah and the city of Ninevah before looking at Paul in Corinth. God loves people and God loves cities.
Mbonisi and his beautiful wife Tashinga
On Sunday 28th Sept, Dave Holden shared Pt 2 of Faith for Mission. He shared that in the Christian life we go through many obstacles but with faith we can overcome the giants.
The conference was saturated with words like mobilize, expand, advance, spread outwards etc. God is on the move as a new wind is blowing.
All in all, it was an amazing conference.
Written By Molly Manhanga

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Great to see and hear all about Megavision - it sounds like you had an excellent time. Well done Molly, great report