Mega Vision "08" Part 2

Stephen and Molly
Mega Vision was saturated with words like mobilize,expand,advance,spread outwards and so on. God is on the move as a new wind is blowing. But, what has this got to do with Ebenezer or the apprentices? Well, 3 apprentices traveled to Harare for the conference with Stephan and Molly Manhanga. They were Mxwayisi Dube, Honest Ndlovu and Mkhululi Ncube.
This is what they had to say………
Mkhululi, Honest & Mxwayisi at River of Life church, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe.

My name is Mxwayisi Dube. I come from Njelele. I am a Christian. I love God and what he is doing in my life. It is just incredible.
On the 25th – 28th Sept. 2008, I attended the Mega Vision conference in Harare. It was amazing to attend such a conference which involved the New Frontier family of churches. I was hosted by one of the families that attend River of Life Church in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe. Their names were Stu and Terri Knight. I was really impressed by the hospitality of the Knight family.

Stu and his lovely wife Terri

There were different people preaching different messages. I can recall Sibs Sibanda who spoke on the priesthood of all believers, David and Liz Holden spoke on Faith for Mission, Mbonisi Malaba spoke on A Tale of 2 Cities and Scott Marques on the MEGA VISION.
The conference helped me realize Gods purpose and plans for creating me. I would like to end with this scripture from 1 Thess 5:24, 25 & 28.” He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it. Brothers, pray for us. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”

My name is Honest Ndlovu from Mapane Village in Gwanda District. On the 25th Sept. I traveled to Harare for the Mega Vision conference. There were so many people from different places and churches and there were many preachers as well. It was a really good experience for me as it was my first time in Harare. I was so excited to see and hear the preachers from overseas. I felt the anointing.

The 1st preacher was Sibs Sibanda and his message drew me to Christ. He talked about expanding the Kingdom of God. He said we have to go and preach, teach and multiply. Acts 13:47. Dave Holden also talked about the type of churches that we need to plant. He said we
need to be led by the Holy spirit. I learnt something good from him as he said worship should come from the heart. Scott Marques also talked about Jesus ministry from Luke 4. He said God loves the poor, God loves us and we should be mobilized. I came to realize that although the churches are full of material wealth, we need to influence the poor so that they know God.

Another exciting thing was staying at River of Life Westgate church where I met lots of people. I also made new friends, ate good food and learnt a little bit of Shona – one of the local languages spoken in Zimbabwe. On the 27th Sept, Mr Knight – the gentleman that was hosting Mxwayisi, took us for a tour of Harare. We went to see the Embassy’s, Harare Prison, The Heritage School, Celebration Centre, Z.B.C and more. I really enjoyed it.

River of Life Westgate Church, Harare, Zimbabwe.

My name is Mkhululi Ncube and I come from Gqalaza Village, Gwanda. On the 25th Sept. I went to Harare for the Mega Vision conference. When I arrived at River of Life Eastlea Church, my host – Arbita Makayi, was waiting for me. He took me to his home in Hatfield and I met his wife Faith. She is a caring lady who loves to share God’s Word. I enjoyed being with them because they treated me like a son.

I enjoyed the conference very much and the speakers were very good. I was touched by Scott Marques’ message, especially when he was showing us Gods greatness in creating the galaxies. I enjoyed the messages from Dave Holden on Faith for Mission. This man spoke about fait in a simple way – that Faith pleases God and is needed. He said for our Faith to grow, we need to practice it and mix it with prophesies and with the word
. This was so good. I am going to spread this message. I really enjoyed myself at the conference.

What an awesome and life changing experience for the 3 apprentices from Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre.

Compiled by Molly Manhanga

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