Interview with Manual Ncube

Q: Give a brief outline of your background?
A: I come from Dewe village under Dema ward 17. It is approximately a 4 hour walk from my home to Ebenezer. I live with my aunt as both my parents have passed on. We are 8 in my family and I am the 5th born.

Q: How did you hear about Ebenezer?
A: I heard about Ebenezer from the “Headman” in my area. A “Headman” is a figure of authority within a local community. I then collected forms from Natisa Growth Point. A growth point is the equivalent to a small business centre. Natisa Growth Point is approximately 14km from Ebenezer. I attended the Selection Camp and enjoyed the games and team dynamics. The team leaders were very friendly and I made some new friends.

Q: What has been your greatest challenge since coming to Ebenezer?
A: Water, or should I say the water running out for long periods of time and the bush buck destroying some of my crops. The water is much better now since we use an electric pump and I have made a fence which prevents the animals from destroying my crops.

Q: What has been your greatest joy in being at Ebenezer?
A: The spiritual lessons with Stephen Manhanga have been enjoyable. I have learnt more about God, about how to interact with others and how to treat other people. I have also enjoyed learning more about farming.

Q: You are the oldest apprentice here at Ebenezer. How does that make you feel?
A: I feel that I am chosen by God but at the same time I find it difficult in such an institution because I feel I’m expected to know so much more than others. If I fail in any area, I feel as though I’m viewed as being stubborn or just being difficult.

Q: Some of your close friends at Ebenezer had to leave due to different circumstances. How did that make you feel?
A: I felt sorry for them because of their disobedience and lack of self-control. The lesson I learnt from that is to trust myself, stick to the truth of the word of word and to bring my body under subjection.

Q: What type of people do you enjoy being with?
I like being with people who advise me on life issues, equip or empower me to further myself and my business but, I really enjoy being with people who help me grow in Christ.

Q: What advise would you give to the younger apprentices?
A: To respect themselves and to be focused on why they are at Ebenezer. The times we are living in are tough, especially with HIV/AIDS.

Q: Great Manual. Who has been your role model?
A: My role model is God because He gives me opportunities and the life I have is because of Him. I felt this so much when I lost my parents. I know that with God, nothing is impossible.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
A: In 5 years time, I see myself as a businessman, equipping my community with life skills and spreading the word of God.

Manual attending to his tomato crop

May God bless you as you continue to be a light at Ebenezer and in your community.

Interviewed by Molly Manhanga

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